Hawaiian Isle Athletics 10th Annual Slow-Pitch Softball Classic Official Sponsor Heineken

Hawaiian Isle Athletics and the new official sponsor Heineken hosted the 3 division slow-pitch softball classic during the weekend of July 27-29, 2012 at various Hilo park locations, Walter Victor Complex, Gilbert Carvalho and Hualani Park, that attracted 51 teams statewide, which also included a coed team from Utah and several military and JTF teams from Oahu. The 3 day tournament started Friday and ended on Sunday.

Participating teams were:

Men’s Division: (Hilo) HIA, Raja Dat, Prophecy, Keaukaha Homesteady, Smoking Penguins, Jus Say’n, Knock Offs, On The Line Fencing, Free Agents Black, Free Agents Red, NYSPR, Unwanted, Banzai; (Kona) Shut D, All Nutz; (Ka’u) Ka’u Boyz, O.V., Roots Radiks; (Kohala) La Familia; (Kauai) Outlawz; (Maui) GSSM; (Oahu) Diamond Clique, ATM, Kanaka Army, Armed & Dangerous, Oahu Grown; (Oahu/Hilo Mix) Street Legal, Force.

Women’s Division: (Hilo) No Pressure, MIA, Sweeet, Game On, Lady; (Kona) Touch Em All, All Nutz; (Ka’u) Kau Girlz; (Maui) Pono, Watever; (Oahu) Buttoms Up, Oahu Grown; (Maui/Oahu Mix) One Love; (Hilo/Utah Mix) Hawaii/Northern Ute.

Coed Division: (Hilo) Eastside Swaggah, Line Drive, All Pono; (Kona) Hui Kahi, All Nutz; (Ka’u) Defend Dis; (Oahu) Skudz; (Maui/Oahu Mix) One Love; (Utah) Jugz & Thugz.

Shut D, 2012 Men's Division Champions

Shut D, Men’s Championship Team Members are: Tyler Curtis, Brendon Traylor, Kameron Kawai, Kaua Aranio, Isaac Castillo, Ryan Hanohano, Sean Santiago, Quinton Navidad, Baba Lancaster, Mike Oshita, Palani Gomes, Manager, Benny Alcoran.

Banzai, 2012 Men's Division 2nd Place

Shut D regained the Championship in the 28 team Men’s Division this year, having fallen short in the past 3 years to their nemesis Street Legal. Shut D did it the “hard way” having lost their second game to Homesteady in their backyard of Keaukaha on Saturday. In order to win the championship Shut D would have to win 7 games on Sunday, which they did in wins over Armed & Dangerous, St. Legal, Homesteady, Ka’u Boyz, Unwanted and a 3-18 TKO win over undefeated Banzai. Shut D had an explosive 4th inning, scoring 9 runs with consistent hitting throughout their entire lineup. Banzai received their first loss of the tourney and forced a winner take all final 7 inning game with no time limit or TKO.

In the final contest Banzai trailed Shut D by 3 runs going into the 4th inning when Bonzai started to rally a scoring drive of 4 runs behind hits from Kele Coloma, Kendric Nishioka, Ray Velez and Jay Costa. The rally and lead was short lived, Shut D scored in the bottom of the inning with mid lineup hits from Ryan Hanohano, Shaun Santiago, Quinton Navidad and Baba Lancaster and regained a 4-6 edge. In the 7th inning with the score tied, Banzai, Nishioka crushed a ball to the left field fence and scoring an in the park homerun. Bottom of the 7th trailing 9-8, Lancaster led off with a single through the mid infield followed by an infield error and a single by Tyler Curtis, which loaded the bases with one out. A fielder choice to third baseman and a throwing error at home plate cost 2 runs and awarded the championship title to Shut D. Congratulations to Shut D!    3rd Place photo for team Unwanted is unavailable.  

Buttoms Up, 2012 Women's Division Champions

 Buttoms Up, Women’s Championship Team Members are: Alisa-Celine Akana, Myra Amisone, Martha Hatchie, Gerogette Panui, Gordean Kaluahine, Sherris Richards, Stacy Araki, Mokihana Keoho, Kalei Mamone, Diana Nakoa, Trisha Ramos, Manager, Mona Amison.

Oahu’s Buttoms Up played a total of 6 games to win their championship title in the 14 team division. Buttoms Up defeated Watever, Touch Em All, MIA, No Pressure, until having to face No Pressure in the semi finals contest. The Oahu team made their way back through the loser bracket. Hilo’s No Pressure had to go through Kona’s Touch Em All, who just came off an impressive win over the mighty tough Maui Pono team. Down 4-3 in the bottom of the 7th inning with 2 outs recorded and a runner reaching first base, Candice Fujino stepped to the plate and one swing of her bat took a deep shot through the center field designated poles giving the Kona gals a 4-5 “walk-off victory”.

No Pressure, Captained by Hilo High School Girls Softball Coach Leo Sing Chow took care of business as usual holding a 5-8 lead against their Kona Opponents, with consistent hits from Haunani Haasenritter, Paige Kurosawa, Kaala Ahu, Miki Asamura, & Rose Kamakeeaina. Having to meet Buttoms Up again for the second time in the tourney, No Pressure lived up to their team name, mounting up runs in 5 of 7 innings. The 18-7 TKO win over Buttoms Up handed the Oahu gals their first loss of the tourney, which set the stage for a final contest between both talented teams.

In the final game No Pressure held a 9-2 lead going into the bottom 4th inning, until patience at the plate paid off for Buttoms Up, with a lead off walk, which was followed by 5 hits and 2 homeruns, rallying an 8 run inning. Diana Nakoa, Gordean Kaluahine, Myra Amisone, Mokihana Keoho, Celine Akana hits contributed an additional 4 runs in the 6th inning giving them a comfortable lead 11-14, the gals from Hilo couldn’t answer with any runs in their last inning at bat. Congratulations! This is Oahu’s Buttoms Up second championship.  Mahalo goes out to BJ Sagon of Hilo and Tahanee Pegaroose from Utah for combining a women’s team and showing our aloha spirit.

Eastside Swaggah, 2012 Coed Division Champions

Eastside Swaggah, Coed Championship Team Members are: Eastside Swaggah: Martin Ching, Jeremy Kaaukai, Vinia Rosa, Ky Sanchez, Dan Gushiken, Dax Gushiken, Michael Patterson, Noel Filoteo,  Maile Loo, Candice Fujino, Andrea Nalea, Rayna Paro, Dawn Shiroma, Cassie Chun-Ming, Kehau Camara, Loke Lastimosa, Sonya Moniz, Manager, Tandy Filoteo.

Hui Kahi, 2012 Coed Division 2nd Place

One Love, 2012 Coed Division 3rd Place

Eastside Swaggah was playing for their second title in consecutive years. Team Captain, Tandy Filoteo and her teamamtes captured the 2011 Coed Division Championship under the name of Bomb Droppahz. Tandy wanted to change their team name to Eastside Swaggah going into this years 10th annual tourney. The 9 team division was extremely competitive, Eastside went to work defeating Skudz a military team from Kaneohe Marine Base, Line Drive, Hui Kahi and waited for the team emerging from the losers bracket. Their opponents Hui Kahi, Captained by JR Mori, defeated One Love and All Pono before losing to Eastside Swaggah. The Kona team worked through the loser’s bracket by defeating One Love and giving Eastside their first loss 7-13. A winner take all “If” game was brewing among both teams. In the title game, Eastside lead off batter, Loke Lastimosa and teammate mid lineup slugger, Ky Sanchez both bat an impressive 4-4; Jeremy Kaaukai, Dan Gushiken, Michael Patterson, Noel Filoteo and Team Captain Tandy all paired hits. Hui Kahi’s, Danny and Rodman Amor led the way with 3 hits apiece; Hani Kahananui and Kunta Leorna both had 2 hits, but it wasn’t quite enough to keep up with the Swaggahz in their 13-6 victory.   Congratulations Eastside Swaggah! Special mahalo goes out to Jugz & Thugz all the way from Utah, hope to see you back for the 11th annual.

All Star Select Team:

Men’s Division: (Ka’u Boyz) Lui Sales, Nolan Makuakane; (Keaukaha Homesteady) Waka Kuamo’o, Eric Toki; (Unwated) Thane Sweat, Joshua Leopoldino; (Bonsai) Kendrick Nishioka, Joe “Toffie” Valez, Jensen Sato; (Shut D) Kaua Aranio, Kameron Kawai, and Most Valuable Player, Tyler Curtis.

Women’s Division:  (Maui Pono) Sanoe Kekahuna, Mojo Hussey; (Touch Em All) Candice Fujino, Dawn Shiroma, Natasha Fabinal-Duarte; (No Pressure) Rose Kamakeeaina, Miki Asamura, Haunani Haasenritter; (Bottoms Up) Myra Amisone, Diana Nakoa, Gordean Kaluahine, and Most Valuable Player, Trisha Ramos.

Coed Division: (Line Drive) Shantel Paglinawan, Sparky Gonsalves; (One Love) Kaui Choy Foo, Jacob Kenolio; (Hui Kahi) Kunta Leorna, JR Mori, Ashley Isisaki; (Eastside Swaggah) Dan Gushiken, Ky Sanchez, Loke Lastimosa, Tina Lui, Michael Patterson and Most Valuable Player, Jeremy Kaaukai

Special Mahalo! Craig Nakatukasa and Glenn Yoshizawa of Paradise Beverage (Heineken), Hawaiian Isle Athletics, Big Island Candies, Boombah, Prints Unlimited, Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, Hertz Rent A Car, Parks & Recreation, Orchid Isle Umpiring Association, HIA Umpiring Crew, Hilo High School Girls Softball Concession, Mt. View Elementary School Concession, Kats Concession and all of our Scorekeepers and Park Managers, and to all of our participants & supporters. Wanted to express deepest thanks to those who traveled from our outter islands and to Tahnee Pegaroose and her team Jugz N Thugz traveling all the way from Utah. 

The 11th annual tournament is scheduled July 26-28, 2013. Next year I have commitment from 2 Philadelphia Men’s team, 1 Coed and possibly a Coed team from Canada.